the new bardots Corporation Business Man 
1. November 2022 By Walter Price 0

THE NEW BARDOTS Corporation Businessman

The NEW Bardots Corporation Businessman is available on Bongo Boy Records, Deezer, Apple Music

Corporation Business Man 

by Walter Price

Corporate greed, modern-day privateering, or financial gluttony— the disparity between the overlords of cash and the puppet masters of the gross national product and the everyday working folk like you and me is the pull-no-punches backbone of the latest single “Corporation Businessman” from New Jerseys’s own The NEW Bardots.

The meticulously Dan Skye, Gar Francis, and Wayne Olivieri-produced classic rocker is substantiated by vocalist Olivieri, “For many …Greed, power, and the almighty dollar seems all they are interested in ….but remember…they are human and will not be able to take it with them when their time on earth has expired..”

Sentiments that couldn’t ring truer in the wake of a pandemic where pharmaceutical companies raked in record profits off the fears of a wary international population, a Russian war that oil companies decided was a good enough reason to inflate fuel prices at the pump, and political systems that allowed companies to run amok with everything from import/exports to food supply chains. Societies winced and struggled while big wigs’ pockets got fatter than ever before. It’s nothing new, but it’s clearer now and The NEW Bardots have the new powerful social conscience anthem that unabashedly points its wagging finger at it all.

Come for the message, and stay for the tasty guitar licks—You can stream “Corporation Businessman” and see its Wayne Olivieri-directed music video, here at the GTC.

THE NEW BARDOTS Corporation Businessman

Band photo, artwork, and quote courtesy of E-Grapes Promotions & Bongo Boy Records

Johnnie Rago: Drums, Dan Skye: Bass, John Croot: Keyboards, Gar Francis: Guitars, Wayne Olivieri: Vocals/Harmonica

Recorded and mixed at Skye Lab Studios Roosevelt, New Jersey, USA.

Engineered by Dan Skye, Produced by: Dan Skye, Gar Francis, and Wayne Olivieri

Video Concept: Wayne Olivieri/Nick Kuntz Jr.
Director: Wayne Olivieri
Camera/Green screen tech Richard Hall
Assistant Director: Richard Hall
Final Editing/Special effects: Nick Kuntz Jr. Invisual Post inc.

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Coming back together from their early roots of the NYC music scene (CBGB’s, Max’s Kansas City, China Club) to write and record together again. Lifelong friends and former bandmates, Gar Francis, Wayne Olivieri (Rockids), former bandmate Dan Skye (Olivier’s Twist), and new drummer Johnny Rago are four New Jersey veterans out to save Rock and Roll from extinction!” – bio

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