Cole Washburn Traveler's Moon
22. October 2014 By Walter Price 0

Cole Washburn – Anastasia

Cole WashburnFeatured Artist: Cole Washbiurn

Cole Washburn is a singer/songwriter who understands the history, the legacy of not just those who have come before him but has the understanding of deep-rooted traditions in storytelling. Each of the six tracks on his Traveler’s Moon EP could be excerpts from six books you want to fall into. Leaving intrigue and want in their wake.

Since we last spoke to Washburn he’s collected Best Americana Song of the Year from  International Music and Entertainment Associations (IMEA) and continues to interact with fans as his name becomes known around the world.

Cole Washburn Traveler's MoonToday we feature his “Anastasia” from the remarkable EP Traveler’s Moon. Here is what Washburn says about the track, “Anastasia is really a song about addiction, recovery and redemption.  Not only does the guy get his life together he also re-unites with the love of his life.  So as sad as it may start out, it really is a song full of hope.“

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