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22. December 2017 By Walter Price 0

Kt Emmerson: Happy NEW World ORDER, Cold Cave Glory

Cold Cave ate available on iTunes.

cold cave

by Kt Emmerson


Today’s the day my life is gonna change
I’ve got to get up off the floor
There’s another world and it’s waiting for us
I’ve waited so long for so much more

The strangely uplifting dark lyrics have a dichotomy I love to revel in, you too, Dave Vanian? And it’s a great way to frame my new year. With lots of nihilistic thoughts and good beats. The best songs give you a piece of your old self back. Remembering is to live again…those yearning, aching hours (well danced to on your bedroom carpet). You promised yourself you would one day wave a big F-You to this old used-up town, with its toxic hearts and pretend souls. If that’s you…this is your 2018 anthem.

And yes, it does sound a lot like New Order, but that’s just fine because they’ve got a real drummer (not your standard synth drum beats), rockin’ guitar, very sexy deep baritone intonations from acclaimed LA musician Wesley Eisold, and two (yes two) synth boards wrapping their electric arms around this pretty new year’s gift.

If you want to start your new life harkening back to your old Glory, your lovelier untarnished by grown-up dirty dishes self, not the one slowly dying by way of the shut up paper cut, I think you ought to give a full embrace of Glory by Cold Cave. Don’t wait for the tromping on your soul of the daily grind this new year stamp out your old dark hopefulness, a la Ian Curtis.



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