Claire George.
25. October 2019 By Walter Price 0

Now we just feel…WKND SPIN: CLAIRE GEORGE – “Alone, Together” [single x two]

Claire George – Alone, Together is available @ Bandcamp.

Claire George

by Walter Price

Infatuating blindness can set in motion an entire predictable relationship cycle. And sadly, reality/histories say, more often than not, wild abandon ends in the realization of loneliness. Los Angeles songwriter Claire George’s recent single “Alone, Together” is a journey through the beauty of head over heels to the ultimate demise of connection.

Winter made you crazy so you jumped into the freezing lake
And the moonlight made me cry as it fell softly on your shoulder-blade

I wish I could go back
Wash away the mistakes
We’re better when we sleep
But in the morning our dreams, they fade

We used to want to be alone together
Alone together
Now we just feel alone together

The track has two distinct versions. The first, written by Claire George and Ceci Gomez and produced by George, is a haunting soul-wrenching piano ballad. While the second, “Alone, Together (Forever)”, co-produced/written by George and Josh Burgess, takes the song into a familiar retro pop/disco thumper but this time, the phrasing finds new direction…

Each record has its own definition and undeniable power, take them both for a spin and add one, or both, to your weekend playlist…we have, at the GTC WKND SPIN.


Artist photo by Symrin Chawla / Art direction by Leah Lehrer

Mastered by Shawn Hatfield at Audible Oddities
Cover art by Michael Hentz
Photography by Symrin Chawla
Art direction by Leah Lehrer

“Alone, Together”
Written by Claire George and Ceci Gomez
Produced by Claire George
Vocals recorded by Kyle Mangels
Piano by Claire George
Piano recorded by Nick Diaz
Drums by Kiel Feher
Mixed by Kyle Mangels

“Alone, Together (Forever)”
Written and produced by Claire George and Josh Burgess
Mixed by Josh Burgess

Claire George.

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