Citrus Blossom
21. April 2020 By Walter Price 0

Your eyes were filled, CITRUS BLOSSOM – Eyes Filled With Apathy [EP]

Citrus Blossom – Eyes Filled With Apathy is available at Bandcamp.

Citrus Blossom

by Walter Price

How heavy do you dig your psych rock? Sabbath thick, Blue Cheer groove, perhaps the intricacies of Iron Butterfly? What about a blend of all three intertwined with tactile zeitgeist messages? Then you should pipe the sounds of Greece’s Citrus Blossom through your headphones. Political discord, social injustices, environmental travesties, and dematerialization all wrapped in complex 60s styled and jazz-inspired rock n roll make up this band’s awe-inspiring EP, ‘Eyes Filled With Apathy’.

And you can stream this surprising jam gem of an album below and make sure to add “Still Awake” to your summertime playlist, we have.


Band photo by Jannis Tomtsis

Vasilis Papadopoulos – Guitar/ Vocals
Kostas Baxevanis – Bass
Thanasis Posonidis – Drums

Produced, mixed and mastered by Nikodemos T.
Recorded at nVelope recording studio in Thessaloniki, Greece by Nikodemos T. & Konstantinos Pravitas
Artwork by Achilleas Mesaikos

Citrus Blossom

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Eyes Filled With Apathy”… links apathy to guilt and underlines that this ignorance that dried out the lives of billions, will someday dry out our luck too and put us in the same position as the persecuted of this world.” – pr

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