terry lee hale Christmas in the Chapel
22. December 2020 By Walter Price 0

GTC Holiday Classic: TERRY LEE HALE – Christmas in the Chapel

Terry Lee Hale – Christmas in the Chapel is available at SoundCloud.

terry lee hale Christmas in the Chapel

by Walter Price

Terry Lee Hale is a well-traveled singer-songwriter who’s journeyed vast musical landscapes in his winding career and proof is in his 2013 album The Long Draw (Glitterhouse). An album that is as soul-stirring and timeless as an achievement can be.

A number of years ago, Hale released a brilliantly raw, emotional track. One with a true under Christmas’ skin spirit, an honest reflection. As many wonder what this holiday means and for most, as Hale shows, it is pretty much different for everyone in thought and in circumstance but the underlying sentiment is the same. Be grateful, have hope and what is… will be.

Terry spoke with The GTC about this beautiful and timely song, “Every songwriter should have at least one Christmas song don’t you think? Christmas in the Chapel is my contribution. I seem to remember writing the lyrics of this song just after leaving L.A. for Seattle in the mid-’80s. We’d been living downtown at 9th & Grand where there were lot’s and lot’s of homeless people, wino’s, derelicts, and such. The whole scene down there was pretty desperate and sad.

“The song reflects that place and time. Christmas season for many, many folks is NOT happy or fun. Not even close. I wanted to focus on a man who was truly counting his blessings and wishing for a little more perhaps. This music isn’t too fancy. The recording was maybe my first completed Pro Tools effort. It seems a bit heavy-handed and crude to my listening ears now though. But I did get it finished. At that time, recording, editing, mixing, and even getting it out of the computer were all big accomplishments.”

I have to say the recording, the textures within the process add to the track. Enhancing the scenes laid out. Have a listen, share with your friends, enjoy your haves and please pick up Hale’s The Long Draw or any of Hale’s stunning albums this holiday season.

Terry Lee Hale

Christmas in the Chapel + The Central

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A home recording and my only Christmas song. Released on Green Monkey Records as part of their annual compilation of Christmas songs benefiting Seattle’s Mission homeless shelter.
Merry Christmas everybody.
” – TLH

“My contribution for the Christmas season. Self recorded and the movie I put together with iMovie. Christmas is a tough time for many more people then not. Just trying to balance things out I guess.” -TLH

terry lee hale Christmas in the Chapel

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Terry Lee Hale is a man who’s traveled roads and years, across America and Europe. Born in Texas, one of the godfathers of the Seattle scene (the only singer-songwriter featured on the seminal ‘80s compilation Sub Pop 200) and now resident in Marseille, he’s been releasing albums for more than three decades.” – Glitterhouse Records

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