Cherry Blaster New Age
23. February 2022 By Walter Price 0

…when you’re 30, CHERRY BLASTER New Age (video/single)

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Cherry Blaster New Age

by Walter Price

The fever-dream realities of coming of age (a later in life one), discombobulated tempo, pillowy contemplative vocals, and a mysteriously ‘missing’ songwriter. Of course, I’m speaking about the last single, “New Age” from Toronto bedroom-pop maestro(s) Cherry Blaster. A song, that shortly after its release, would find the outfit and its promising frontwoman, Iulia Ciobanu, seemingly disappearing from social media.

Before we get too deep in the weeds with what happened to Ciobanu and her Cherry Blaster, let’s talk about the sympathetic yet sleepy origins of “New Age”. According to PR folklore, this track was born out of a foreshadowing dream, as told to the GTC, “Whether the greater source of this fear was external or internal, as Iulia approached her thirties, she couldn’t shake the feeling that her “time was up” as an aspiring musician. One morning in her late 20s she woke up from a dream in which her silver hairs were turning pink and was struck by the image. She turned it into a song that extended the dream into an alternate reality where she could transform herself into a forever young cyborg.”

Hey, we’ve all been there. Not reaching our goals by our self-prescribe sale-by-dates, not reaching the perceived summit can be, well, disappointing. But who says we need all this pre-cyborg stress? Uh, limitless sources I suppose. The only way out of this conundrum is to find some sort of inner peace and acceptance of our own life and creative cycles. Life’s a bitch, write a song about it…

Ok, shortly after the release of “New Age” (September 15, 2021), the social media pages for Cherry Blaster go (almost) completely dormant. Which, from my viewpoint seems a bit mysterious. Was this single a swansong? Are these indelible lyrics the last eccentric pop musings we’ll ever get from a songwriter that appeared just about to reach her most personal? Or, just maybe, it’s really none of our business… As they say, time will tell.

You can stream “New Age” and see its pink-covered dreamscape music video, created by Isaac Roberts, now at the GTC.


Artist photo and quotes courtesy of Auteur Research

Written and performed by Cherry Blaster (Iulia Ciobanu, Scott Given, Tasker Hull)
Recorded by Tasker Hull
Mixed and Mastered by Turner Wigginton

Video created by Isaac Roberts

Cherry Blaster New Age

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“Cherry Blaster was born out of a laptop synth project and has morphed alongside Iulia, growing in sound, scope, and members. Currently a three-piece, the band explores longing and uncertainty while striking the perfect balance of closeness and detachment. Playful, with aggressive edges and an eccentric approach to rhythm, Cherry Blaster hints at the vocal stylings of Mitski while recalling Metric and St. Vincent at their earliest and most compelling. Yet their approach is innovative and fresh, shaking up and pushing past what is expected from indie song structure.” – bio

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