Adam Brookes Different Times
24. February 2022 By Walter Price 0

NEW! ADAM BROOKES Different Times

Adam Brookes Different Times is available on Tidal, Deezer, Bandcamp.

Adam Brookes Different Times

by Walter Price

San Francisco’s multifaceted producer/songwriter Adam Brookes returns to the indie-pop scene with the deceptively subtle single, “Different Times”. The start of the track gives off a vibe of flying softly through the atmosphere as the R&B groove provides just enough funk to keep this track firmly planted into two worlds at once. In a perceived nirvana as well as in an undetermined future.

The Dangermaker vocalist has always had a knack for crafting pop songs that stick around and rattle around your mind and this new single is certainly a continuance. And as the world changes and humans try to adjust to the new order of things, “Different Times” may find interpretations varying. But if the accompanying music video has anything to do with how you define this track, well, it’s going to get multi-dimensional.

The visuals are introduced with straight-up anxiety-inducing horror movie vibes before fading into a layer of spacey psych as the feelings of getting lost in alt realities becomes prevalent. These sounds and images are metaphors that I think we can all relate to these days. i.e. It’s no surprise that life is confusing AF.

You can stream the single and see its far-out visuals, now at the GTC.

NEW! ADAM BROOKES Different Times

Artist photo by Zen Cohen Projects // Quote courtesy of Future Primitive Records

Written by Adam Brookes

Song and Video produced by Adam Brookes

Adam Brookes Different Times

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His new solo work including the forthcoming single Different Times brings a more minimal, refined feel than we’ve heard from the songwriter before. Lyrically reflecting on changing times and whether or not he has something to lose now, he finds himself questioning and grappling with what exactly that might be these days.” – bio

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