Charlotte Carpenter
2. September 2019 By Walter Price 0

Make a change, SINGLE-THREEWAY: CHARLOTTE CARPENTER – “Follow You Down” [studio+acoustic+video]

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Charlotte Carpenter
Charlotte Carpenter

by Walter Price

UK singer-songwriter Charlotte Carpenter’s recent single “Follow You Down” is shiny and delicate in all the right places. From the opening verse that’s reminiscent of the vocal rhythm of New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle” that then effortlessly morphs into an empowering sing-along Americana/pop song, something Sheryl Crow would be proud of, to the heartbreaking backstory. This is something different and it’s substantial, warm and ultimately, hopeful.

Comparisons aside, on her new Podcast, ‘The CC Songbook’, Carpenter has talked about the journey of creating the song, “So, Follow You Down is quite an interesting song because it’s very very different to what I’ve done before. In a lot of ways, it sounds really uplifting. and a lot of what I do has a bit of a dark streak. Sonically its always quite dark and thundery, which I love because thats the kind of music I listen to. But when it came to writing this song, I wrote the chorus first and instantly I thought, “this is very catchy and uplifting and a bit weird, you know I haven’t really written a chorus like this before”. And I remember taking it over to the studio. I’ve written this chorus and I don’t really know what to do with it. All I knew was that when I was writing I’ll Follow You Down, I was thinking about Nan and Grandad and I was thinking about my Grandad not being able to go that final place with her after all of these years being together.”

[Have a listen to the full The CC Songbook podcast, episode one]

You only get one trip around this sun
Sometimes  you can leave this place before you’ve begun
Before  you’ve begun
Before you’ve begun

Oh oh oh
I’ll  follow you down
I’ll  follow you down
Oh oh oh
I’ll  follow you down
I’ll follow you down

Maybe it’s time for you to make a change
Maybe now is the right time to try and take the reins
Like  before it’s begun
Like before it’s begun

Transforming sorrow into beautiful song has rarely sounded as brilliant as this new one from Carpenter and below, you can have a listen to the studio version as well as a special acoustic performance. Also, check out the live video, filmed by Alex Ruhl.


“I’d be interested to know how you grieve normally without writing songs, I don’t know what that looks like.” – Charlotte Carpenter

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