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4. May 2015 By Walter Price 0

Can We Hear Your Music

making musicby Walter Price


Here is a simple fact; albeit the internets and social media have made it easier for music lovers or passive web diggers to find and hear delicious sounds. There is no reason for you the artists to find yourself so cool or bashful you have to make it harder for folks looking into digging what you’re doing hard as hell to find your music.

Case in point, have Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram or whatever…make your music easy to access. Cat pics are cute and show that you’re sensitive but what about some sounds on your band’s page? Logical really.

Trust me; I understand the shy folk and the ones who think they’re interfering with other’s daily biz by posting your link after link about music you’ve put heart and soul into. Forget about it. Do your thing and get your music out and about.

This isn’t “do not call until three days” for a date thing. You made music, if you’re the one who wants it to be heard use your properties for this reason. Add plenty of personal this and that’s for depth but keep the music accessible.

This isn’t a rant or bitch session or any sort. Just a friendly reminder that your music first is a great policy.



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