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Bring The Riff: Browsing Collection – “Something To Hold On To”

Browsing Collection – ‘Don’t Want To Dance’ EP available now @ Spotify. Browsing Collection by Walter Price   How many times have you noticed those clickbait articles debating whether guitar rock was dead or not? Obviously, the answer is that it’s alive and kickin’. The problem is that overpowering formulaic pop forced down our throats is rather addictive to younger generations. But if you’d like to help someone ween off the current commercial offerings, give Swedish rockers Browsing Collection’s recent single “Something To Hold On To” a few spins at volume. Lyrically, it has all the sensibilities of an indie pop song but with the added power of jaw-dropping guitar riffs. Riffs that could convert anyone blinded by paint-by-numbers radio fair. “Something To Hold On To” comes from the band’s ‘Don’t Want To Dance’ EP. If you dig the  (quote-unquote) good ole days of Joan Jett and/or Guns N’ Roses…this will fit nicely in your wheelhouse.  


Mimi Brander – Moa Lenngren – Nora Lenngren – Carro Karlsson

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CREDITS Music & Lyrics: Browsing Collection Mix & Master: Nicklas Eklund Video Editor: Moa Lenngren Filmed by: Browsing Collection, Emil Kvarnström, Jan-Erik Lindkvist, Ingela Brander, Martina Andersson Special Thanks To: Icons Creating Evil Art, Vintage Guitars, Stellas Lekland, Ditto Music, Anna Rolander  

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