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In Her Own Words: Brooke Bentham on the backstory of ‘Losing, Baby’ and video

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Brooke Bentham


“The song is about my relationship with anxiety and depression and how you can’t work your way out of it. You can’t get into a relationship and have everything be rosy. So, for the video, I knew I wanted to have one figure representing those states (blonde wig lady with big eyebrows in the video) and have them dancing with another main figure. Possessing them, if you will, and trapping them. Grace & Alex (Lightman) with all of their film knowledge helped to expand upon that idea and thus we have a music video.”



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(Quotes comes from the Miruna Radu interview for The Yorker)



Visuals by Siblings
Directed by Alex Lightman
Cinematography by Simon Burbage
Produced by Grace Lightman


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