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The Uncle Of Brograss Jim Lauderdale

jim lauderdale musicBill Monroe was the Father of Bluegrass, I don’t know if they’re going to call me the Father of Brograss or the Uncle….

by Walter Price


The current state of popular country radio ‘hits’ is and has been demonized by hardcore traditionalist such as myself and truckloads of other like-minded folk for sometime now.  The Bro-country phenomenon in particular has twisted knots in my soul.

Listening to the brillant interview on the Chris Shiflett (Dead Peasants /  Foo Fighters) podcast Walking The Floor; I heard famed singer- songwriter Jim Lauderdale talk about a slew of interesting personal tales of the music business, songwriting, and so on, but he dropped a nice little smile nugget into my day that was not only hilarious but a perfect statement on current country music climates.

This nugget is The Uncle of Brograss (or maybe the brother or father of) Jim Lauderdale – “Birth Of Brograss”. It’s Bro-country’s hillbilly sarcastic but correct cousin and it’s a perfect statement and I think you’ll dig the reality of it all.

You can also catch that Shiflett / Lauderdale interview down below.


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