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23. December 2014 By Walter Price 0

The Blank Tapes Blueish Christmas

the blank tapesBy Walter Price

What very busy year 2014 has been for California based good-time groove makers The Blank Tapes.

More non-stop touring including a just wrapped Eiuo-tour that saw band head honcho wind his way through 20 plus locals with The Roaring 420”s and the release of a split EP with his roadmates as well as the HWY 9 collection he dropped on us before he and The Tapes hit the road.

And just like last year, we didn’t get to see any of this live ourselves.

So here we are again at another so so sweet holiday season and it reminds us of the Christmas track The Blank Tapes (a previous version, the one w/ Pearl Charles in it) released last year at this time, “No Gifts This Xmas”.

(FYI: Never a good idea to sleep with the reindeer, they are somewhat mean…)

Here is a sampling of our short holiday chat we had with Matt & Pearl last year, then enjoy their almost blue this season Christmas song. Oh, you must also check out Pearl’s awesome burgeoning solo career HERE.


What´s the first childhood memory that comes to mind when you think about the holidays and Christmas?

Matt: As a kid my German grandpa would sing “O Tannenbaum”.  Later on as a teen, I’d listen to the Beatles around the holidays and still do!

Pearl: My grandma hand knit stockings for us.

If you could fulfill one wish for somebody else who would it be?

Matt: Hmmmm..  Pearl.

Pearl: Myself

Best Christmas cookie you ever had?

Matt: That’s a tough one. Hard to remember all the cookies I’ve eaten over the years, but I’d have to say my mom’s ginger cookies.

Pearl: Pillsbury ready to bake Christmas cookies.

How are you gonna spend Christmas and New Year´s? 

Matt & Pearl: We’ll be in the desert!

For More The Blank Tapes: Website / Facebook / Interview. / Pearl Charles

Happy Holidayz…