BJ Wilbanks
3. May 2017 By Walter Price 0

3 Reasons Why the Southern Rock N’ Soul of BJ Wilbanks

BJ Wilbanks – ‘BJ Wilbanks’ release available now.

BJ Wilbanks

by Walter Price


I wouldn’t go as far as calling the sounds BJ Wilbanks has crafted on his recently released self-titled album a throwback per se, but he clearly has an educated understanding of eras before his. What has come before has always seeped into the cracks and crevices of the new. No exception here, but this release rises beyond.

The respect you give to those historic and glorious nods is where the gold is found. BJ Wilbanks has undoubtedly hit that streak here. The atmosphere, talent, and that Georgia charm on beautifully constructed gems that conjure up those backroad days windows down and a warm bottle of red wine between friends and nothing but memories in the rearview. As to say, this album is a comfortable way to spend any afternoon. That emotion emoting from those lungs cradled in familiar soundtracks. Maybe thoughts of Hall & Oats, Average White Band, Spenser David Group, Doobie Brothers, and the like will swirl. And that is part of the brilliance here.

Wilbanks’s rhythm and blues soul style will make wish you could rewind to that simpler way of life as we go just 3 Reasons Why BJ Wilbanks is the now.



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“Healin’ My Blues”

Awww, that’s when my heart melts baby
That’s when the feeling is true
That’s when your love starts healing
Love starts healing my blues

“I Can’t Help It”

I’m still grooming and pacing before we go out
Making sure everything’s in place so it all works out
I don’t know what I’d do if your love passed me by
My heart’s consumed with this empty desire

“Livin’ Off the Land”

Good hard work fuels the mind, it makes you feel worth something
You get what you give, and if you’re taking child, take only what you need
All you’ve got is your good name, you make the bed you lay in
If you ain’t got something nice to say, then don’t say nothing