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Billy Momo It’s Mine

Billy MomoI wish that we could all believe that we can make a change We’d sing a song and live the words But we are all estranged…

by Walter Price


You know there have always been those sounds coming from the edges, the fridges of Popular Music Town that worked with traditional instrumentation and true music makers tweaking and plucking bits and bobs until new ways of thinking and jamming thrived cool without super scratch DJs or gnarly over productions. These artists have been reworking the sounds of the Old Countries and The USA’s Appalachias ever since Ralph Peer in 1927 decided to monetize what the hardworking backwoods folk had been doing for free; just for the love and fellowship of community.

This is now and there have been many a great name to find new ways to explore and create versions of the age ol’ folk sound and I love it. Rob Heron, The Corn Potato String Band, Screamin’ Miss Jackson, The Blood Red Mountain Band and so many more have surprised me with their folk and/or blugrass takes and now there is a new (new to me) outfit to add to the list of righteousness, Sweden’s Billy Momo (Tomas Juto, Oskar Hovell, Tony Lind, Mårten Forssman, Andreas Prybil, Oscar Harryson, Christopher Anderzon,) and they have a killer new track “It’s Mine” from the album Drunktalk…A track that delights in various traditional influences and hits full tilt infectious from the first few notes .This is a folk-grass song with modern indie pop sensibilities and it tantalizes. I dare you to disagree…

Billy momo

foto by Micke Bayart
Where’s Christopher Anderzon?

Now that I’ve rattled on, I asked the band if they could tell me some interesting stories about the track or perhaps a couple anecdotes and this is what they had to say, “The video is a story about hard working men, who try to use the little time we have to be creative and to blow off some steam, between pouring drinks, chopping wood, christening people or whatever it is we do. It’s pretty much documentary, really. This is more or less what it looked like when these fine gentlemen were put to the task of learning a dance routine.

We write music, lyrics, video manuscripts, edit videos, record music, discuss arrangements, productions or tour plans – and write texts such as this one – on coffee breaks or while pretending to go to take a dump at work.

The video was mainly filmed at Mårtens place – the harmonica guy. He was kind enough to take the time and teach us how to chop wood properly and how to make moonshine (a perfect opportunity to make some extra cash while struggling in the music industry).

While making the video, we fell a little bit behind in schedule, unfortunately. The christening scene was originally scheduled to July. Late September isn’t the perfect time for a dip in the lake. But we’re not complaining! It’s hard work and it’s supposed to be. Gives you the feeling that you’re really doing your best, doesn’t it?”

Now pour a glass of something nice and put “It’s Mine” in your day….


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