Bent Knee Lawnmower
20. November 2023 By Walter Price 0

…goodbye sometimes, BENT KNEE Lawnmower

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Bent Knee Lawnmower

by Walter Price

Seminal art collective Bent Knee return with not a leaner lineup, but a powerful and picturesque slowburn single, “Lawnmower”, as well. The Boston outfit’s Courtney Swain told Proglodytes, “…From its very beginning the song had a really distinct identity of a nostalgic, quasi-Americana lament. An ode to impermanence, so to speak.”

This is a sentiment that many have experienced even more so coming out of a pandemic as well as all the other gnawing grievances going on in nearly every aspect of this new era. Belonging is a turbulent ride at times and this song, for me, captures this human journey.

There’s a lot to love here. Not only the raw softness and sentimental first chapter that slowly builds throughout into a vast multi-instrumented puncutátion at the closing but for the tangible poetical verses as well. These words allow the listener to escape into their own interpretation and paint their individualized scenes as well. Cognitive magic.

You can stream “Lawnmower”, here at the GTC.

BENT KNEE Lawnmower

Artist photo by Mel Tiang // Artwork and lyrics via Bandcamp // Quote via

Lawnmower was written by Chris Baum, Courtney Swain, Gavin Wallace-Ailsworth, and Vince Welch
Produced by Vince Welch
Recorded at Big Nice Studio and The Record Company
Engineered by Chaimes Parker and Vince Welch
Mixed by Vince Welch

Nathan Cohen on viola
Peter Danilchuk on synth
Tim Doherty on guitar
Bradford Krieger on guitar
JY Lee on cello
Jed Lingat on bass
Tessa Sacramone on violin

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Honestly I know
We have to say goodbye sometimes
Honestly we know
You have to say goodbye

I bought a house in the country
I read the palms of trees, they’ve been around a while
Way longer than the books up on my shelf
I think they have the fortune I’ve been waiting for

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