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27. November 2020 By Walter Price 0

…a new day, BEN WOLF – Try Again, Tomorrow

Ben Wolf – Try Again, Tomorrow is available at Apple Music, SoundCloud.

Ben Wolf

by Walter Price

The confident new single from Ben Wolf, “Try Again Tomorrow”, has an undeniable broad appeal. A track full of much-needed hope, this one will find fans of Sam Smith, Michael Bublé, and Dan Auerbach adding it to their fave brightside playlists in droves. With its slow-burn march and straightforward chant-worthy and powerful lyrics, this new single is destined for an endless number of soundtracks.

You might’ve woken up in a different place,
You might’ve spoken up, changing your headspace.
You might’ve found, the will to move on,
And leave behind the weight of today.
So you should,
Wait for a new day.
New opportunity.
Wait for this blue-gray cloud,
To, pass over me.
Cause, right now,
I can’t see,
The bounds, between the dark and the bright side.

So I’ll,
Wait for a new day.
I try to distance me,
From this dark tide,
Storm hanging over me.
Pouring acid rain,
Hope it goes like it came.
So I can try again tomorrow.

Written by Benjamin Dewulf, James Lowland, and produced by Lowland as well, the overwhelming outcome is the dawn of a career of a captivating and vast voice that’ll no doubt dominate commercial pop music in the near future. Kudos to all. And you can stream this brilliant, hold your head up, song and the recent release “Ultraviolet”, now at the GTC.


Artist photo via Facebook

Performed by: Ben Wolf

Written by: Benjamin Dewulf / James Lowland

Produced by: James Lowland

ben wolf

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Ben Wolf believes that you don’t need to know where he came from to understand where he’s going. Firmly anchored in the present but always with an eye lurking on the future, this epicurean artist is not one to find satisfaction in the contentment of floating around.” – bio

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