5. April 2016 By Walter Price 1

Bart Budwig Damn Good Start

bart budwigWalking out the door is a damn good start…
by Walter Price   The thing about  Enterprise, OR’s troubadour Bart Budwig is he does move in songwriting directions of Willie and Waylon but his equally powerful attributes are much older in style and/or texture. His voice and playing are more in the tradition of the Hanks (Snow and Williams) edging in on Lefty Frizzell territory and Budwig is genuine. There are no traces of forced ‘old school is now’ hipsterness to be found. His new exceptionally well written  single “Damn Good Start” would find friendship on the Opry stage, a song dealing with with life and balance masked as a tale of a gambler. Which is a great analogy for such everyday matters. Career, family and the in-between, life is a never ending gamble, it’s all in how you play your cards. File Bart Budwig under ‘Real Country’.   Bart Budwig  Facebook  /  Twitter  /  Website