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2 x the risk WKND SPIN: BANGLIST – “Fearless” (single)

Banglist – “Fearless” is available @ Bandcamp.

by Walter Price

When the attraction starts to hurt, hurt so good…the writing is on the wall. The warning signs will be ignored. Berlin-based, Icelandic/Norwegian outfit Banglist’s recent single “Fearless” examines the emotional turmoil of going headlong, regardless of forewarned perils.

While the stunning studio version’s intense arrangement cradles the track’s involuntary predicaments beautifully, it’s the acoustic rendition that brings the listener one step closer to the raw, emotionally haunting realism. The powerfully potent vocal delivery sneaking in soul-cracking nuanced notes further carrying the impassioned weight as the guitar, not always gently, builds the anxiety. Both performances of this track linger, invitingly. As it cements Ásdís María as a force to be reckoned with.

[If I’m not mistaken, the stripped-down recording comes from the Fête de la Musique Berlin 2018 interview/performance. (watch)]

This band’s current catalogue isn’t all that extensive for all the indie buzz deservingly going their way. But they have announced new music to be released any day now… So, check out the links below for updates. And if “Fearless” grabs you, check out their “Turn the Lights Down” and prepare for chills.

Take “Fearless” for a risk-free spin and add it to your weekend/summer playlists, we have…the GTC WKND SPIN.


Ásdís María Viðarsdóttir – Pétur Karl – Per Monstad – Ylva Brandtsegg

Band photo by Skye Sobejko Photography

Studio track: Producer and mixing: Cameron Laing – Famous Gold Watch studios / Mastering: Davide Ruffini


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