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26. April 2019 By Walter Price 0

Down, down WKND SPIN: AWSDOTR – “Too Much Blues Can Break You Down”

(AWSDOTR) And We Should Die Of That Roar – “Where We Lay Our Bones” is available now @ iTunes.


by Walter Price


AWSDOTR keep emotional turmoil twisting daggers in your soul with their latest epic single “Too Much Blues Can Break You Down”. The track kicks off in a near Zeppelin growl as it quickly morphs into the band’s familiar gutwrenching blues.

The nearly seven-minute track explores the darker side of human conditioning. The crossroads of pain, love, and acceptance. Not something anyone wants to volunteer for… Suffering personally can be daunting enough, but experiencing a beloved one uncontrollably deteriorate from whatever demons have them in their grasps, is nearly impossible to cope with. Sometimes, all you can do is stand strong with your unwavering bond…abandonment isn’t an option.

“Too Much Blues Can Break You Down” is from the phenomenal new album  “Where We Lay Our Bones”, out now.

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Video conceptualized by Vidar Olsson courtesy of V.P.L.O Studios & Olliver Larsson. Directed, recorded and edited by Vidar Olsson. Lyrics & Music: Hardy Hum. Produced by: Kenny Lundström & Hardy Hum. Song recorded at Kapten Studios Nkpg.

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