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…till the end, SINGLE: ARKSON – Victory

Arkson – Victory is available at Spotify.


by Walter Price

Thematically, the recent single, “Victory”, from Toronto indie-rocker ARKSON [David Park] is pretty straightforward. A song that is to be chanted before and after that energizing scoring goal. A fußball anthem written for Länk FC and the Bracara Cup in Portugal, this track will have fans of AWOLNATION, Imagine Dragons, and Twenty One Pilots ready to cheer.

The mastermind behind this slow-burn powerhouse track, David Park, is a DIY musician who handles most of the arranging, producing and instrumentation. This is certainly impressive when you take into account the vastness of this single. It does feel like a song that could motivate thousands of stadium fans to rise up and push their team to, Victory!

Nevermind if you’re not a sport fan, let this track encourage you to move forward with accomplishing whatever goals you have in your life. And you can stream this dynamite release as well as see it film, now at the GTC.


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ARKSON: David Park


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I prefer to think that each is song is its own unique moment, and I aim to make them feel different. I like the idea of not looking back and just pushing ahead with constant fresh inspiration,” – D. Park

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