12. February 2015 By Walter Price 0

Are You Expecting?


Not Hannah Kent, just a lovely lady from the 60’s sunning

“I’m just trying to meet those. I’m not going to distract myself with other people’s expectations.” – Hannah Kent

by Walter Price


There seems to be this growing and extremely annoying trend in social media. Expectation. The core meaning of the word expectation can be good if not abused.

I’m talking about a couple noticeable trends. First, when did this follow me or I won’t follow you BS get started. I admit I am a bit old fashioned, have always been. Social media is cool and all but the cruddy expectations people put into it bores and irritates me to no end.

Facebook and Twitter the most itchy of all the outlets. I will be clear. I dig followers of The GTC. The ones who get what it is we’re doing. Celebrating the true hard working artists, songwriters and the people who support these folks as well. If you follow our sweetness on any of the outlets we utilize, we (I) dig it and always try to reciprocate.  It takes me or any of us that have access to our accounts to stay on top of it at times so don’t follow and then unfollow in a few hours when we don’t fall at your social feet.

This goes for the trolls who follow and then unfollow when you follow them in return. You’re a bunch or socially retarded dimwits. No real need for you to be wasting space.

Second, so you made a nifty song or many. Does this make you complete in the process? Dumping your hard work onto the nets and expecting the world to love you is as lame as it gets. There is this the other side of this thing that some bands do that drives this music fan bonkers, bananas and crazier than Gary Busey on speed. Not having any music (or nearly none) music on your social pages.

I count 17 recent experiences when a band or artist writes and asks for me or one of The GTC contributors to check out their sounds and we’ve had to dig for up to an hour trying to find said sounds. What gives you awkward one…Self-promotion can be tricky some say almost a bit embarrassing but come on.

Even after all my years in the music/radio business I am still a bit baffled when it comes to people’s expectations. Absolutely nothing wrong with high but easy to manage ones but don’t drive people who want to like you wackadoodle with your lopsided assumptions and silly habits. Find a balance in what you are expecting.

Cuddle cuddle…