April 19, 2018
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GTC Has Fresh Track Picks Real Rock And Roll Music Blog Edition April 19, 2018

April 19, 2ß18 and RRAR Music Blog has fresh rock tracks!

April 19, 2018


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 Tracks by Coldspell, 86 Bullets, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre!!!

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by Maria Haskins

Swedish band ColdSpell are masters of melodic hard rock, and I absolutely LOVED their 2017 album “A New World Arise” (read my review). “Signs” is an awesome track from that release, and if you like what you hear, you might want to pick up the album: find all the links on the band’s website.

ColdSpell has been playing gigs in Spain this year, and they’re lined up for more gigs later in 2018:

  • 27-28 April Rock City Festival – Stockholm
  • 22 Sept Rocknacht – Tennwil – Switzerland

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86 BULLETS – Beautiful Lie

by Maria Savva

My track pick is the excellent “A Beautiful Lie”, a high energy heavy rock song from 86 Bullets’ EP “Agents of Absolution”, released last year.

Here’s the story behind the band’s name:

Question: How many bullets does it take to kill an elephant?

Answer: 86

Tyke was an African elephant who performed with Circus International of Honolulu, Hawaii. During a performance on August 20, 1994, she killed her trainer, Allen Campbell, and injured her groomer, Dallas Beckwith. Tyke bolted from the arena and ran through the streets of the Kakaako central business district for more than thirty minutes. Police fired 86 shots at the animal, who eventually collapsed from the wounds and died. Tyke became symbolic of circus tragedies and a symbol for animal rights. Allen Campbell’s autopsy revealed that he had cocaine and alcohol in his system at the time of his death. Officials at the Denver Zoo confirmed that there were complaints of animal abuse filed against Campbell during the late 1980s when he operated an elephant and camel ride concession in the city. The Tyke incident inspired legislation on local levels in Hawaii and abroad. More about Tyke, here.


You can stream/buy the EP at the following links and while you’re there check out 86 Bullets’ other music:



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by Neil Schiller

No, not that ‘Groove is in the Heart’. I thought I’d start the week with a drum-led track for a change – it’s always guitars, guitars, guitars right?

I probably don’t need to tell you much about The Brian Jonestown Massacre. They’ve been around forever, are a proper cult band. And yet, to my shame, I only discovered them relatively recently when my local record shop got a whole load of reissues of their albums in on vinyl. But, if you’re like me, they’re from San Francisco, release roughly one or two records per year (and have done since the mid-’90’s), and play laid back, psychedelic stoner-rock, often with an Eastern influence.

Tess Parks is the female vocalist on this one. It featured on their album Don’t Get Lost which came out at the back end of last year. If you like it, then check out their track from 2008 called ‘Anemone’ too. That one is probably my all-time favourite of theirs.

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