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30. August 2019 By Walter Price 0

If you don’t like it, then go GTC WKND SPIN yourself: ANYA MARINA – “GFY”

Anya Marina – GFY is available @ Apple Music.

Anya Marina

by Walter Price

Once again, the weekend is upon us, and all its indelible urges beware. Purveyor of addictive beat-driven tracks “Dynamite”, “All The Same To Me” and the soft to the touch “Move You”, Anya Marina, has returned with a late-night smoosh anthem.

“GFY” and its Toni Basil-esque-thump is as honest as it is empowering. You know, as in, “I don’t know you but I like you even though you’re dumb/It’s a shame you’re so insane you could be so much fun/You know I love you there’s no one else/If you don’t like it then go fuck yourself”. Enough said…

Take this track for a spin, let it soundtrack you lusty endeavors and add it to your weekend playlist. We have @ GTC WKND SPIN. Then check out the video for slow and steady seduction of the “All The Same To Me” single, below.

The single is from the new ‘Over You’ (Deluxe Edition) EP, out now.


“GFY” – Songwriters: A. Marina, Bess Rogers

anya marina

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