29. July 2014 By Walter Price 0

Alle Royale Goes Back For His Future

Alle Royale

Alle Royale

By Walter Price

If you read these pages you are for certain familiar with the name Alle Royale. Founding member of Greasy Spoon, possibly the world of rock’s best album reviewer (we’re biased) and all around man of Italy with passion for all he believes.

Recently Alle has had a soul searching shift in his music direction or should I say a desire to return to his roots. The man behind the voice and lyrics that find comfort and companionship walking with the shadows of Nick Lowe, Steve Kirby and Tom Waits recently explained this possible career changing about-face and digging deep into sounds archives, “I just feel they are good songs and they need a second life…why not?” Royale added this bit about his current inspiration, “maybe listening to Chris Stapleton reconnected me to my singer/songwriter past.”

Whatever it is and however the future turns out for Alle Royale, it is great to hear these tracks resurface for the world to soak in.

Alle Royale: Alle Royale. Greasy Spoon

Hey, that’s the way uh huh uh huh…