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23. March 2020 By Walter Price 0

And in the silence, SINGLE: ALIAS PATRICK KELLY – “Invisible” [Bruce Butkovich & Patrick Kelly, producers]

Alias Patrick Kelly – An Unclaimed Inheritance EP is available @ Bandcamp.

by Walter Price

There are, not exact, but significant similarities between Alias Patrick Kelly’s recent single “Invisible” and Alice In Chains’ “Rooster”. While Chains’ classic is a tale of a soldier’s resilience as he watched his mates fall and what he has at home to fight/stay alive for, Kelly’s song is akin to a much-needed conversation, about PTSD and the other hidden struggles dealt with by courageous war vets. The obvious connective tissue between both songs is the personal inner strifes suffered by the ones who’ve bravely made sacrifices for their countries.

As more veterans return home to uncertainties, as they try to come to terms with a litany of traumas, doubts, and the discouraging, “what’s next?”. But are they truly all alone in their plights?

My training was good 
I shipped overseas 
And I did what I could 
To stay invisible 

They think they can see me but they don’t 
They’re trying to find me but they won’t 

Sometimes I wish I was there 
Back on patrol 
Among the others who stare 
At the invisible 

They think they can see me but they don’t 
They’re trying to find me but they won’t 

And on the news I hear about 
The ones who could not make it out 
‘Cause in their heads and hearts they stayed 
Although I’m welcome here at home 
I feel my way through this alone 
And in the silence I’m afraid 

Soundtracked by Kelly’s beautiful guitar work and soothing, at times, poignantly urgent, vocals. In tandem, coveying the weighty realities of the lyrics. Therewithin lies the magic of this single… Subtle and powerful thoughts that needed to be sung.


An Unclaimed Inheritance EP

Produced by Bruce Butkovich & Alias Patrick Kelly
Engineered by Bruce Butkovich with Zen Hardy
Mixed by Bruce Butkovich
Mastered by Chris Griffin
Album Art by Jeremy Ray

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