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…these girls didn’t ask to be touched SOFTCULT BWBB

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by Walter Price

Sibling Rock n Roll duo Softcult have come out swinging on their latest single, “BWBB”. And the song’s subject matter is no joke. It’s a blatant social commentary, an anthem on the safety of girls, women, friends, mothers, and sisters. Set to a heavy and melodic riot grrrl backdrop, it’s the potent conversation-starting lyrics that should be chewed on and shared…

she’ll never speak again
you’ll only tell her that it never happened
can’t even trust a friend
they might just leave you for dead

and then they say “boys will be boys”
but these “boys” are men
and these girls didn’t ask to be touched by them

it’s not where she was
it’s not how she dressed
and it’s not her fault you don’t know what consent is
if there’s one in your company
I wonder when they’re gonna come for me

boys will be boys
will be boys
will be boys

If the message being blasted into your soul isn’t clear enough, check out the Pussy Riot-inspired music video. Directed by the band’s very own Mercedes Arn-Horn, the film opens with the attention-demanding, “Have you ever been afraid, to walk alone at night?” just before it follows a masked gang out to serve up some street justice. Bats, swords, and nunchaku symbolize the anger felt in the aftermath of some egregious act perpetrated on a female. The images, the lyrics are personal, powerful, and a much-needed call to arms.

You can stream “BWBB” and see the must-see video, now at the GTC.


Band photo via Bandcamp

Phoenix Arn-Horn
Mercedes Arn-Horn

Director: Mercedes Arn-Horn
DOP: Iced Out Visuals
Editor: Mercedes Arn-Horn
Producer: Phoenix Arn-Horn
Mixed by: Chris Perry
Location Scout: Simonne Clout

Special thanks to Simonne Clout, Bre, Spicegurlpurp, and Greg Uebele


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This song is a call to end gender violence and the culture of misogyny and ignorance that contributes to it.” – Softcult, Facebook October 5, 2021.

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