Alanis Morissette
2. September 2017 By Walter Price 0

In Her Own Words: Alanis Morissette on Nature as Metaphor

Whenever I feel crunched or claustrophobic or overwhelmed, it is often an indication that I need to get OUTSIDE, in the trees, by the ocean, on a hike, in the mountains. I consider communing with nature to be one of my favorite ways to experience the magic of spirit and witness the delicate tenderness of how life and its cycles of births and deaths does its thing. turning toward the sun, and hunkering down in different weather. watching the symbolism of how roots intermingle and crash up against each other, collaborate, fuse, thwart, die….only to be part of a re-birth..a new soil, a new insect and new moss. when I forget to let life have its way with me…when I swim upstream or will my way through things, I am reminded in nature of how fruitless this efforting and controlling really is…that eventually, life wins out, every single time. and how long it takes for this immutable truth to exact its perfection can be swift, or it can be decades long…but without fail…life and its flow leads the way. the forest and the creeks and the sticks and rocks and seventy-two shades of green remind me of this. the dappling of the sun busting through a leaf cluster just when I think the grey has won the day. diving into this awe, this deep-green-breath with my family takes it to a whole other level “

(blog post, febuary 22, 2016)



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