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Why do I feel this way? VIDEO/SINGLE: AGOUTI – “Chameleon” (Nodes LP)

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by Walter Price

Hitting an emotional wall induced by loss and the subsequent inner-turmoils and questions the mind wrestles with, can either destroy you or it can cause the need to make inspired art. After a string of deaths of friends and family, San Franciscan artist Carmen Caruso decided to utilize music as her medium to express her pain and find new light.

Crafting her own instruments and studio in a mission to create her own form of expression. Resulting in her band Agouti and their album Nodes. An introspective collection rooted in experimental psych blended with poetry, Prog, and 90s era alt. Nodes, texturally, is an album unlike anything released this year. A gorgeous heartfelt accomplishment.

The heartbreaking realism of the “Chameleon” can easily be considered this album’s calling card. The truths about trying to navigate coping, ‘the concerned’, needing space, fading into the scenery are all legitimate, all human. Do I make a go of it or do I simply dissolve…

Why do I feel this way?
Lazin’ bout the day as if I haven’t a care
People start to wonder if I’m even there
Oh where could I be?

The vast yet subtle film for the single, directed by Paul Bronisław Kmiec, complete with imagery depicting the quest to balance strength, frailty, and uncertainty, can be seen below.


Written & Directed, Cinematography, Edited & Color Grading – Paul Bronisław Kmiec
Assistant Directed – Jeffrey Hoyt
Props/Scenic Design – Carmen Caruso, Paul Bronisław Kmiec & Steven Stoddard

Lead Vocals, Bass & Keyboard: Carmen Caruso
Keyboard & Backup Vocals: Leanne Kelly
Guitar & Backup Vocals: Dakota Salazar
Drums: David Rabkin


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