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3. February 2015 By Walter Price 0

5 Things Saints Eleven

Well, there isn’t really anything I can say without incriminating someone! For the most part, saints eleveneverything has been pretty normal.

by Walter Price


The thing about Texas barroom country rockers Saints Eleven is that trying to accurately pinpoint the exact sound emanating from their forthcoming release ‘I Told You’ (11 February) would be a near lost cause.

In the tradition of Red Dirt music and most Texas music in general you will find the Lone Star State’s artists easily accumulate musical heroes and they dig translating these historic sounds into their own blend of Texas.

Just as Saints Eleven have done. From Aaron Watson and Cody Johnson’s tradtional country to ZZ Top’s always delectable low slung country rockin’ blues concoctions. The band’s new album travels the vast landscapes and will keep the good times rollin’.

Ahead of the new release, I caught up with SE’s Jeff Grossman for a list of 5 things!


What are 5 things people should know to understand the Red Dirt Music community?

  1. It’s full of great people! Lot of folks out to help out the community when in need
  2. It’s a melting pot of great musical genres. You got rock and roll, country, bluegrass, and blues. A good mix.
  3. Lot of great talent
  4. Basically a bunch of good ole boys and girls that like to play good music
  5. Last, but not least, we like to have a good time

5 things about your live show newcomers should know.

  1. It’s high energy
  2. We play a lot of music to dance to
  3. We work really hard to put on a good, tight show
  4. We aren’t too loud, or try not be anyway. We know it can uncomfortable for some folks when they go see a show and a band is extremely loud, so we do our best to be pleasing on the ears
  5. Last, but not least, we like to have a good time

What are the 5 bazaar things that have happen to the you guys on the road (or any gig)?

Well, there isn’t really anything I can say without incriminating someone! For the most part, everything has been pretty normal.

Since you guys travel the sonic landscape, who are the top 5 influences’ on the band.

  1. Dwight Yoakum
  2. Jamey Johnson
  3. Buck Owens
  4. Hank Williams Jr
  5. Motley Crue (for our drummer)

5 things you and the band learned making the new album ‘I Told You’.

  1. We picked a great studio and producer. Bart Rose at Ft. Worth Sound
  2. Hard work does pay off
  3. We can’t wait to start on the next one
  4. Patience
  5. Still have a lot to learn. There’s always room to grow

5 things the band would love to happen after the release of this album.

  1. Be nominated for a Grammy
  2. Build a bigger and broader fan base across the globe
  3. Play more festivals
  4. Get some major endorsements
  5. Win that Grammy we were nominated for!

5 Texas artists that the outside world should get into.

  1. William Clark Green
  2. Mike Ryan
  3. Phil Hamilton
  4. Aubrey Lynn England
  5. Mark McKinney

This list could go on forever!


Saint Eleven: Facebook / Website / Twitter

Jeff Grossman – Vocals/Rythm/Lead/LapSteel guitar
Jeffrey Mosley – Bass guitar
Chris Bradley – Drums
Michael Poole – Fiddle