4 Minutes Later
8. June 2021 By Walter Price 0

…ghost inside a shell, 4 MINUTES LATER – Grace

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4 minutes later

by Walter Price

There’s an evergreen discussion about dementia and Alzheimer’s research and care for the suffering, but a much less talked about casualty is the loved ones who watch as their family and friends slowly fade away. The haunting, first-hand experienced recent single from 4 Minutes Later is a soul-stirring lament on the subject that may have you in tears at its end.

In a quote provided to the GTC from the bewilderingly anonymous outfit reads, “Each of us from the band has a grandmother who is battling dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. It’s tragic to witness someone disappear and become just a shell of a person. You can’t explain it, or ever go through it and understand it yourself… watching someone’s brain be taken over, totally distorting their reality, is so wicked and twisted.”

It’s a weighty track that sounds arena-ready while it retains an indie-pop vibe that’s a blend of Ben Folds-esque songwriting and Frally Hynes type arrangments. And your soul will not rest easy as the songwriter tells a tale of watching an elderly family member, I assume a Nan, transform from the loving, energetic human into something recognizable on the outside, but the inner being has been replaced with something indescribable.

This gutwrenching story only made more beautifully somber by the bone-chilling, near gothic hymnal chorus and then there’s that voicemail at the end…Well, do you remember those tears I warned you about?

You can stream this conversation starting single as well as the band’s Top Spotify Tracks, now at the GTC.


Artwork by, Moon of Mercury

Song was written by, uncredited
Mixed, mastered by uncredited
Produced by, uncredited
Band members, uncredited

Quotes courtesy of 4 More Minutes

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