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24. September 2015 By Walter Price 0

3 Reasons Why Warm Soda

Warm Soda

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by Walter Price   Just about every time I listen to Austin based power-pop machine Warm Soda I often go for the easy this shit rocks or man I can move to this but like the good forefathers of this brand of music, there are deeper depths within. The band’s confectioner, Matthew Melton, has been down many roads and has had eyes and ears open at various widths and his goods, bads, heartbreaks and surreal show in colors that do entice the senses and going further showcase a real music craftsman. I’m a huge fan and Chatty chatty about the band’s 2013 Someone For You release which I have called near perfect and I still agree with me but I’m starting to have similarly strong feelings about their most recent and third release Symbolic Dream (Castle Face Records),it  is a thriller bone chiller as well. Most notably the tracks “I Wanna Go Fast” & “Cryin For A Love”… hell yeahs for everyone! Let’s simply go 3 Reasons (Videos) Why Warm Soda.   Warm Soda: Facebook. / Website / iTunes Band: Matthew, Caleb, Shock, Alex, Max