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22. October 2015 By Walter Price 0

3 Reasons Why Sally Grayson’s Black Swift

I know you wonder Oh why why why, yet your spirit rises over the injustice, flying all around Black Swift musicyou, you have hope, hope…

by Walter Price


Sally Grayson’s is Black Swift or vice versa depending on how you interpret 2014’s debut release The World Howls. A intriguing trip down many roads charted and not. The songwriter explores many forms of thoughtful imagery in rock, blues, whimsical, country, theatrical and many places in-between along the 10 tracks.

Where Grayson shines the brightest is in the lingering emotions on tracks “Tragedy Magnet”, title track “The World Howls”‘ and “Dungeon Birth'”. With the weight of these songs being carried at times by a single word or line pulling the listener in with little notice or chance to ignore. The World Howls is a great study on how a debut album should be created which is no surprise with an multifaceted artists such as this.

Here are 3 reasons Why Sally Grayson’s Black Swift.


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