Eoin Dolan
11. December 2015 By Walter Price 0

3 Reasons Why Eoin Dolan

Eoin Dolan…It’s getting hard to forget, the men in your life and all the sarrow you have met…

by Walter Price


Ireland has been known for innovative sounds for decades but surprises are flourishing as we speak. Readers of this site are familiar with the names Maija Sofia, J.P. Kallio, Eamonn Dowd, Marketa Irglova (actually Czech but forever linked to Ireland) and Blood Red Mountain Band exemplifying the diversity in music surviving and enchanting just below the surface of what’s is deemed commercially viable but artists making  arrogance free honest music you can sink your soul into.

Such an artist is Eoin Dolan, brilliant singer/songwriter and eclectic mind producing or perhaps exploring a wide range of influences, experiences and genres often in one go. From The Blank Tapes-style takes on take it easy California vibe and 60’s AM pop radio to Eels-esque dream pop and plenty of other attractions along the way. Dolan is an artist you wish you knew about all along but are feverishly ecstatic today is the day we go 3 Reasons Why Eoin Dolan.


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