Livy Pear
25. March 2015 By Walter Price 0

3 Reasons Why Livy Pear

Livy Pear

foto by Matthias Starte

by Walter Price


I’ve been digging through the sounds of the German singer-songwriter Livy Pear for some time now. I still haven’t fully figured her out yet, maybe that’s one of the ingredients of her charm. That and in the tracks I find vocalist Olivia Gruschczyk straddling ranges from Feist, Kate Nash and Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir and the stories in song travel the sphere of thought provoking underbelly.

Not to mention production varying vastly from slick to DIY and walking the line between fame and anonymity, things which I’m seem to always be drawn towards.

The full group is listed as Gruschczyk, Daniel De Maria, Martin Baumgartner and Gregor Steinbrecher but it seems Gruschczyk carries most of the song crafting tasks. Songs that strongly utilize the songwriter’s charming and most likely false innocence, in tone, vocals in covering more pressing and perhaps dingy subject matters. Delightfully deceiving and more than worth your and my further investigations.

Livy Pear is perplexing, intriguing and has large doses of earnest. Here are three reasons why I started digging into what is Livy Pear.


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