7. February 2015 By Walter Price 0

3 Reasons Why Globelamp

All these words go back to the root and all these thoughts are only the truth…

by Walter Price


Whimsical sarcasm, splashes of snotty, tainted devotions and eager musings are to be devoured.

This is Globelamp (Elizabeth le Fey) and she offers these + in her haunting and psychedelic tinged sounds. Tracks that move in alignment with arthouse pop and embraces the warmth of singer-songwriter. Letting her soul bleed while guarded from histories that are hard to say if she is fully comfortable with outside of song.

Most tracks echo from what is likely bedroom productions adding the airy qualities and the before mentioned haunting aspects of an artist working through life, loss, family and the next maneuver. Her mysteries at times seem self induced but protective. Therapeutic and if not a bit daunting.

As it turns out her 2014 album Star Dust was recorded in various locations, in houses. Recommending this release above her other work wouldn’t be appropriate. More intriguing is listening to the vast array she’s put out for the world to pick at. Interesting discoveries. (check out Globelamp on Soundcloud)

Whatever it is that brings this artist to make her sounds, its working. For the listener anyway.

Check out these three reasons why Globelamp.


Globelamp: Facebook / Bandcamp / YouTube