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11. September 2014 By Walter Price 0

Sounds You Can Try & Buy 11 September 2014

In this week’s truncated but awesome Sounds You Should Try & Buy we’ll have a look at a California band stimulating the future of sounds and a familiar singer/songwriter who continues to astound…

So let us begin to dig into what we’re listening to this week and thoughts from the artists themselves.

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Dangermaker – ‘Light The Dark’ EP


From San Francisco comes the future of pop flavored rock. Mesmerizingly purifying sounds familiar from eras past and directing them, guiding them as they pierce the flesh of the now. A three track EP changing gears from their recent debut Black Dream finding the verses dynamically hopeful and soundtrack of your life ready.

Dangermaker’s Adam Burnett told The GTC why an EP so very soon, “In the middle of recording our last release, Black Dream, my father died suddenly and unexpectedly. The result was a much darker sounding album than any of us had planned on, and frankly I couldn’t wait to move on past it. Not to knock those songs, for me though it was hard to play them live over and over and go back to that dark place. The loss eventually gave me a new outlook on things, a sense of urgency and an appreciation for life that started coming through in new song ideas. As a band we embraced it and have realized this is our sound, a bigger more euphoric thing, and everything since has been going that way starting with the songs on our new release”


J.P. Kallio – ‘Tell My Darling’ (Self Release)

A name that is becoming synonymous with the term DIY, J.P. Kallio has set out to produce a song each and every week of 2014 culminating in an album every few months. While this would cause most singer/songwriters to become thin on material, Kallio is maturing a la Ryan Adams and taking us all along for the journey. On Tell My Darling the Dublin based Finnish troubadour has expanded on his trademark sound with the help of some well-traveled musician friends and a few added ingredients for what is his best release of the year.

Speaking to The GTC Kallio had this to say, “”Tell My Darling” is a definite progression in production from the past two albums “Northern Boy “and “Read Between The Lines”. I had the help of some wonderful people. An experienced multi-instrumentalist and producer Matthew Gillian in Tennessee literally took a few of the album tracks with just my bare vocals and acoustic guitar and delivered full production back to me. Barra McAllister on the Irish wooden flute and Brian O’Shea on tenor banjo, both old friends of mine contributed some fantastic work as well. But also I added electric guitar and percussion in the mix myself. Still the basics rely on my acoustic guitar tuned into DADGAD and my vocals.

“I set out to tell stories of life and sing them in a way that feels right to me and I am very happy with the outcome. I hope you take the time to listen to it, whether by purchasing a copy of the album, or streaming it online. And no matter what way you enjoy it, I hope you share it with your friends and spread the word.”

What are you listening to this week?