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[new this week] Global Texan Chronicles Playlist: GTC WKND SPIN [ 20 March 2020 ]

20 March 2020 and the GTC WKND SPIN Playlist is Fresh!

It’s Back, Again!!

The perpetually on the verge of widespread popularity indie playlist that some (very cool) people are chatting about has returned for a fresh 2020 full of phenomenal artists!

Check out the playlist below and come back each Friday (or Saturday) for something brand new…kindly heart the list on Spotify!!

20 March 2020

20 March 2020

Boys Bleed Too

Sick Bags

20 March 2020

For Me



+ GTC FILM of the WEEK: Lenu – For Me

Sick Bags via Spaghetty Town Records
Lungs and Limbs by Jenna Marek
Shannon & the Clams via Facebook
Lenu via YouTube/Facebook

FOR ME film
Director, Producer & Editor: Chloé Shephard
Director of Photography & Editor
Makeup Artist: Laura Bretnall

‘For Me’ produced & engineered by Tom Orrell at The Nave
Written by Lizzy Joyce

20 March 2020

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