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Your Top 5 GTC Stories 10 October 2013

‘Happy To Kill You’

Happy Thursday to Friends Of The GTC!

It has been a blast over here at the ole GTC in the not so sunny Leipzig. 

We are watching the start of huge career for Australian band The Mercy Kills and the new interview with the man known as Neal Casal really finding a spot in your ‘must reads’. 

And then there is the Warm Soda, what a great group! Their interview with The GTC is holding strong and steady as more people discover their masterfully crafted power-pop. Good times indeed!

We thank you very much very stopping by The ole website to see what we have up our sleeves!

Much love for sure!

Your Top 5 Story Links (click & enjoy):

  1. Meet The Mercy Kills
  2. Neal Casal Keeps On Truckin’
  3. Warm Soda Bring The Power Pop Flavor!
  4. Imperial State Electric – ‘Reptile Brain Music’
  5. Review: Julian Lennon – “Everything Changes’
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