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Your GTC Weekly Top Ten: 09 – 15 June 2014

Jimmie Rodgers
‘Another week in the books’, as they say, whoever ‘they‘ are…
Big thanks to the ever mysterious and nonchalant Greasy Spoon for stopping by to share their deep feelings on world peace as they continue to unleash true to the bone Rock N’ Roll on us! 
Last week we also learned that Midnight Oil is still on the radar, Morrissey couldn’t fulfill another string of tour dates, country music’s roots are about to get rebooted, the peoples really dig the new Rival Sons album, more and more people are really into songwriting, Led Zeppelin win (again), Walter Price rambles on (a lot) about Willie Nelson, it’s pretty swell that their are enough cool Dads that we get to celebrate once a year and that Berlin’s street musicians are world class! Oh, The World Cup is exciting stuff no matter who is playing. Go Teams!
Not a bad week in the world of sounds indeed…
Huge Thanks to all of you who stopped by and checked out all the this and thats The GTC laid out. It was another fun in the sun 7 days and we’re about to do it all over again!
Here is a look a look at the top 10 article read the most over here the past week. Cheers!
Your GTC Weekly Top 10 Links
  1. Orthophonic Joy – The 1927 Bristol Sessions Revisited.
  2. The Eventualities Of Greasy Spoon.
  3. Midnight Oil: Black Rain Falls.
  4. What You Can Buy Today 10 June 2014.
  5. On Songwriting Pt. 2.
  6. Good ole Solid Willie.
  7. Happy Father’s Day!.
  8. The Electric Alley: 100% Love, Hate & Protest.
  9. Turin Brakes: Umbrellas Can Be A Problem.
  10. Terry Lee Hale: The Long Draw.

Top Country of Audience Origins

  1. USA
  2. Germany
  3. UK
  4. France
  5. Russia
  6. Italy
  7. Poland
  8. Canada
  9. Ireland
  10. Norway
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