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Your GTC Top 5 for 14 September 2013

Bomb Blast

Guten Morgen Freunde

Here is your GTC Top 5 Articles for 14 September 2013

Very interesting things went about when we were sleeping like children.

After nearly 8 weeks after being published, JT Coldfire had a slow and steady climb to the top. Barely nudging John David Kent out of the ‘all-time’ leader spot, which his interview held since being posted. But with Citizen CharlieThe Winery DogsClara LuziaMammoth MammothGolden Kanine Small Jackets all jockeying for Top 5 spots, anything can and will happen on The GTC leader board. 

A Huge ‘Thank You’ to all of you, Friends of The GTC, for coming and supporting great music of all genres! 

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