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Your GTC Top 10 For The Week 4 – 10 November 2013

‘Danzig In The Moonlight’
Happy Monday Friends!

Another good time filled week has come and gone at The GTC. 

We watched as The Poises’ Ken Stringfellow stormed to the top of the leader-board and hung onto to it pretty much all week. We dig it, his latest solo album, Danzig In The Moonlight is a blast to listen to. And perhaps trying to decipher as well..Pick it up or download it today!

We can now let the cat out of the bag, sort of. This coming week shoukd be a week of pure wall-of-sound Rock N’ Roll. We have several interviews on the board from top notch rockers that you will not want to miss! Rival SonsThe Temperance Movement Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

And if all works out, we’ll have an interview coming with a legend in the music business. A man who changed the sound of Rock & Country forever…No, it’s not Gram Parsons, being that he is currently still deceased and all. 

Again, we sincerely thank you for coming over to see the goings on here at The GTC! Much Love…

Your Top 10 Links For The Past Week
  1. Ken Strringfellow: The Posies+Neuman+Solo
  2. Tops For October 2013
  3. Imperial State Electric: ‘Reptile Brain Food’
  4. Neal Casal Keeps On Truckin’
  5. Review: Derringer – ‘Derringer Live’
  6. Mammoth Mammoth Will Bring You Hell
  7. Gram Parsons
  8. Albert Hammond Jr. Is Right On!
  9. The Temperance Movement!!!
  10. Hellsingland Underground Prevail!
Top Countries Of Audience Origins
  1. USA
  2. Germany
  3. Russia
  4. Spain
  5. Italy
  6. UK
  7. Canada
  8. Sweden
  9. China
  10. Australia