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Your GTC Top 10 August 2014

Markéta Irglová
(Portrait By Colin Davidson)

August has come to an end and we’re all here to bask in the fact that we’re all about to freeze are asses off. Ah, just the thought of it pleases us…” Never take a job where winter winds can blow up your pants.” – Geraldo Rivera

Point well taken…

We would like to send out waves of gratitude to Cole WashburnThe Mercy KillsLovers Electric and Everyone Is Dirty for stopping by to catch us up on their music, tours and other right on this and that’s. Send us a postcard from your travels!

Coming soon to an internets near you, The New GTC Website is almost a real thing! Also, we have a contest coming your way. Dig it!

As we must and love to do, Thank You for stopping by last month to check out all that we had going on. It was a great month for killer sounds and we have more on the way. You are our sunshine.

Here is a look at what was read the most or randomly clicked on a lot in the month of August and below you’ll see last week’s Top 5.

Your GTC Top 10 For August 2014
  1. Markéta Irglová Muna
  2. Lovers Electric Catch Us Up
  3. Everyone Is Dirty: DYING IS FUN
  4. I Like Country Music
  5. Cole Washburn: Traveler’s Moon
  6. The 100 Most Influential Artists?
  7. Retro Review: Neutral Milk Hotel 
  8. Bad LiveSound…
  9. New Music: J.P. Kallio – This Town
  10. Retro Review:The Cult – Electric
Top Visiting Countries
  1. USA
  2. Germany
  3. Netherlands
  4. France
  5. UK
Weekly Top 5: 25 – 31 August
  1. Lovers Electric Catch Us Up
  2. Everyone Is Dirty: DYING IS FUN
  3. Markéta Irglová Muna
  4. Sounds YouShould Try & Buy Today 27 August 2014
  5. Jack Black’s Tenacious 45th Year
Top Visiting Countries
  1.  USA
  2. Germany
  3. France
  4. UK
  5. Netherlands 
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