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Your GTC Monthly Top 10: March 2014

See ya later March, what great memories… we’ll cherish them forever…

Like the killer chats we had with Greasy Spoon, The Graveltones, J.P. Kallio, The Violent Years, Teitur and two righteous dudes and their team with a huge van (RV) tricked out for the sole purpose of discovering and sharing sounds, Jam In The Van.

Oddly enough, we also found out about another new place to travel to, The Faroe Islands. Thanks Teitur Lassen!
Dontcha just love it?! 
April looks to be another great bunch of calendar days. We have a lineup of intriguing artists, articles and reviews to share with you as well as some amazing GTC news coming toward the end of the month!
Here is a look at what you read, clicked on or just casually or amusingly checked out! Happy April Ya’ll!
Your GTC Monthly Top 10 Links
  1. Junior Brown’s Twang & Growl.
  2. The Violent Years.
  3. tEitUR.
  4. TYTUS – White Lines.
  5. J.P. Kallio Northern Boy.
  6. Jam In The Van Is Sound Cruisin’.
  7. Review: Faz Waltz – ‘Back On Mondo’.
  8. Music For Sunny Daze Pt. 3 (Countrified).
  9. Things You Can Buy Today 25 March 2014.
  10. Birth Of Greasy Spoon.
Top Countries Of Audience Origins
  1. USA
  2. Germany
  3. Italy
  4. Norway
  5. UK
  6. China
  7. Russia
  8. France
  9. Denmark
  10. Thailand