Wild Woman
9. February 2022 By Walter Price 0

…locked up in a cage, MASONROSEGRAY Wild Woman

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Wild Woman

by Walter Price

It’s nearly impossible not to notice the blazing path burgeoning indie-pop star MasonRoseGray has been cutting for herself over the Pandemic era. Powerful, confident, and very personal tracks that, like the work of Eilish or Skating Polly, can feel like stand-alone anthems for anyone embarking on seemingly uncharted life journeys. And her latest offering “Wild Woman” is yet another incredible result that calls for its listeners to let their freak flags fly.

And it wouldn’t be a MasonRoseGray release without a gutsy music video. And with this one, the songwriter seems to follow her very own lyrical advice and takes her unwavering need for honest self-expression into the public eye. Shot in the daylight, we follow MRG wearing a leopard-skin onesie as the singer prowls a zoo, as the public (and caged animals) watch in astonishment. Of course, the film also comes replete with Gray’s signature emotive interpretive dance moves and knack for bold visuals. It’s all that we’ve come to expect from this performer and more.

“Wild Woman” reminds us all that it’s okay if the neigh sayers think you’re a tad bit crazy, break free of those burdening shackles and you be you…Go Your Own Way! And you can stream the empowering new single and witness its video, shot by Levi Desantis, now at the GTC.


Artist photo via Facebook

Written and performed by MasonRoseGray

Music video shot by Levi Desantis

Wild Woman

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Ever been told you’re crazy? Ever felt your wild side needed to be let out of the cage? (RAWR) We all have Beauty and (a) Beast inside of us. Dare to let them OUT and be FREE!” – YouTube post

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