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3 Reason Why Wheeler Walker Jr.’s FU to Music Row Movement

Wheeler Walker Jr. “Ol’ Wheeler” on iTunes.

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by Walter Price


Traveling distances since his mysterious and unfortunate album, No Love for the City, that dropped on September 11, 2001, losing a major label deal (for coitus with the CEO’s wife), having Nashville’s Music Row thumb their collective noses at him, and his wife leaving for Walker Jr. being Walker Jr., the songwriter has taken things into his own hands. Country boys will survive…

After a 7 years absence from making music, Walker Jr. returned to the music scene with 2016’s Nashville bridge-burning  Redneck S**t, An adult speaking album aimed at a music format that has, over the decades, become a watered down and formulaic version of what once was. The eras when Jones, Williams, Cash, and Nelson ruled the airwaves. The titles and subject matters are in the language most live when the weekend rolls in and the honky tonks heat up. Yet, come Monday, the folks who partake in this lifestyle often revert back into their outwardly ‘Christian’ goody-two-shoes versions of themselves. Hiding truths.

Wheeler Walker Jr. must have said, “enough of the shell games.”, and came out and said what everyone was thinking or perhaps expressed thoughts in realistic language. Language and content are tricky and major labels want their artists, outside of hip hop, to appear shiny and clean. Problem is, not many of us are.

Walker Jr.’s new Dave Cobb produced album, Ol’ Wheeler, is out now and his takes on real Southern living I thought he had perfected on the last release, have been elevated. This is authentic smokey dance-hall outlaw country and western. The fabled sort. Historic country sounds with-in-your gut real adult style writing, Honesty is a virtue and Wheeler Walker Jr. has that in spades.

Let’s go 3 Reason Why Wheeler Walker Jr.’s sonic FU to the Music Row hits machine.



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