15 may 2020
15. February 2020 By Walter Price 0

…ghosts under your bed, VIDEO/SINGLE: MURMUR TOOTH – Weak Knees [Leah Hinton, director]

Murmur Tooth – Weak Knees is available at Bandcamp.

weak knees

by Walter Price

From her forthcoming album, ‘A Fault In This Machine’, Berlin-based indie star-on-the-rise Murmur Tooth drops a spooky new video for her single “Weak Knees”. A track that not only showcases her production brilliance and her indelible and personal wordsmithery but a song that really highlights the beauty of her vocal delivery.

But don’t listen to the voice inside your head
Don’t listen to the ghosts under your bed
We’re all sleeping on graves
On bones and nitrates
We’re all waiting for someone
To fill the days
I woke into confusion about when
Timelines stretching out and back again
And I couldn’t know just when it was I’d woke into
Were years ahead or had they gone and left us with weak knees?

‘A Fault In This Machine’ is expected to drop 19 March 2020 and you can pre-order the album at Bandcamp and/or pre-save it on your favorite platforms now. And you can watch the anxiety-filled drama unfold in the silent film era turned psych dreamscape video, directed by Leah Hinton herself, below.

For fans of The xx, Florence + the Machine and/or London Grammer…


Video filmed by Matt Daniels, directed and edited by Leah Hinton
Huge thanks to Steph at Shoot It Yourself, and BIMM Berlin and the Berlin Music Board for their support! DIY for life!

Written, recorded, produced and mixed by Leah Hinton
Mastered by Mike Grinser at Manmade Mastering
Trumpet on Memory played by Kelly O’Donohue

weak knees

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I used to play guitar in a metal band. We started out as kids in New Zealand, then moved to Europe, focussing mainly on touring. After years on the road, I got sick of vans and bars and random floors and settled in Berlin, Germany. I didn’t know what to do – playing in bands was my life. So I began building myself a little home studio and started watching Youtube tutorials.

It has taken me a couple of years hunkered down on my little nerd station, but I’m getting there as a “full-stack musician”. This is the first full-length album I’ve made from start to finish (excluding mastering – that’s still a bit beyond me!). It’s all my lost and all my love laid out in hertz and decibels, and it has been my sense of purpose through a time adrift.” – Leah Hinton

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