14. November 2013 By Walter Price 0

Trey Anastasio Is A Busy Phish

A Gleeful Trey Anastasio
Trey Anastasio has announced, via his website, a handful of 2014 tour-stops with his side band/him TAB. 

These dates come during a break while recording Phish‘s new album Wingsuit. Can’t wait to find what that title is all about.

It looks like all the dates, which run late January into February, will all be in  the US. Maybe we peoples living in Europe will get to see Trey and his school  play some dates on this side of the world when the new album drops. 

If you can’t catch TAB on the road or wait for the new Phish album to come out you can grab your very own Niagara Falls! Winner Winner!

All new 3-CD set recorded live on December 7, 1995 at Niagara Falls Convention Center in Niagara Falls, NY. December 1995 was a universally recognized high point for Phish. The band found themselves at Niagara Falls – straddling the border between the United States and Canada beside the fastest flowing, highest, most powerful waterfall in North America. (Phish Dry Goods

Sounds like another great holiday gift idea to me me me…..

2014 TAB Tour Stops
28 & 29 Jan. – Denver, CO
31 Jan. – Kansas City, MO
01 Feb. – St. Louis, MO
04 Feb. – Minneapolis
05 Feb. – Milwaukee
07 & 08 Feb. – New Orleans
09 Feb. – Birmingham
12 Feb. – Orlando, FL
13 Feb. – Charlotte, NC
14 Feb. – Atlanta
15 Feb. – Indianapolis 

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