Todd Rundgren
26. September 2018 By Walter Price 0

In His Own 1978 Words: Todd Rundgren accurately predicts the role tech will have on music in ‘the future’

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Todd Rundgren


“Computer technology and storage is moving at such a revolutionary pace, It’s not being held up by this kind of like laid back super marketing strategy The people behind computers know that computers are a happening thing, and are going to be applicable in all areas. Computers are coming on so heavy that nobody’s going to bother with this intermediate technology, It’s limited.”

“The economic structure will shift itself. You’ll no longer go out and buy permanently recorded things, because, eventually, they do one of two things…they wear out, or you wear out. You get tired of them and don’t want them anymore.”

“In 25 years someone might have a resonant computer in their home with a billion bytes of memory in it, in something that’s no bigger than the sink!”



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Quotes paraphrased from the following 1978 backstage interview:


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